• Certificate of an Excellent Company for Technology Evaluation

  • New Excellent Technology Certification

  • Certificate of Quality Management System

Corporate Certificates Date of issue Related institutions
New Excellent Technology Certification 2019 Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
FCC certification 2019 ENG
CE certification 2019 Kiwa
Quality Management System (Renewal) 2018 Korean Register of Shipping(KR)
Small Business Confirmation(Renewal) 2018 Small and Medium Business Administration
Excellent Business for Technology Evaluation 2018 NICE Information Service Co., Ltd.
R&D Service Business 2017 Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Enterprise-Affiliated Research Institute(Renewal) 2017 Korea Industrial Technology Association(KOITA)
Venture Business Confirmation(Renewal) 2016 Korea Technology Finance Corporation
Software Provider(Renewal) 2016 Korea Software Industry Association